Fitness for the Elderly


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As you age you may think or feel that no longer have the energy to do the exercise that you once did when you were younger. However, it is a known fact, that exercising into your retirement can have some massive health benefits.

Whilst your body is aging, your movements are becoming slower, and you do tend to sleep more often, this isn’t a sign of weakness.

In my opinion this is a sign that your body is simply telling you what it needs.

Light exercise is always beneficial to you and your body, no matter what age bracket you fall into.

It will aide with your blood circulation, help keep your muscles strong, and your joints flexible, and maintain fitness with the burning of calories.

You should discount that walk down the street for ten minutes at a time.

This ten minutes of exercise once a day, is all it takes to maintain a healthy body. The elderly don’t need to sweat it out at the gym morning and night for those perfect aps anymore.

We all know, that, right?

Keeping your heart healthy is as simple as walking your pet dog or yourself to the super market to pick up a handful of groceries.

If you cannot carry them home, you can easily find a helpful grocery trolley on this site.

If you want to be fitter as an elderly resistant, then I cannot insist that you must always check with your doctor of physical first, to be certain that you’re able to do some more fitness training, like aqua aerobics, yoga or Pilates, or Thai Chi.

All of which will ensure that your weight, muscles strength, flexibility, mobility, circulation and heart health stay enhanced.

These days you can find niche specific fitness DVDs for the elderly, that you can perform in the comfort of your own home.

These exercises for the elderly DVDs can be found on this site for your convenience too.

We advocate getting regular health checks with your local doctor, to be sure that your personal health is on the right track.

Asking your local doctor about your specific needs and conditions or ailments on a regular basis can further assist with your fitness routine.

Don’t roll over and forget about your active life as you age.

Stand up, move around, remain active, and vital in your life and in the lives of your loved ones. Life for you is just beginning and we all want you to enjoy it to the best of your abilities.

Staying fitness ready will enable you to do so much more your later years.


Author: Ammie Harm

Group of older mature people doing yoga exercises, isolated on white background

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